WEDNESDAY 10TH JANUARY 2018                              Theme Night

Every year we have a theme night and this year in remeberence to two great singer songwriters, Don Williams and Glen Campbell who passed away in 2017,so everyone who gets up to sing must do at least one song or tune from these two great musicians (or else you have to stay behind and clean up) So players check shirts,stetsons and anything else country.


WEDNESDAY 14TH FEBRUARY 2018                              Singers Night

Everyone welcome for a night of musical variety,you never know who is going to turn up and entertain you

WEDNESDAY 14TH MARCH 2018                                     Fox Willow

A very entertaining trio featuring flute guitar harp and 3 part harmonies of traditional and contemporary folk music







WEDNESDAY 11TH APRIL 2018                                         Singers night

Another chance for local musicians from near and far to delight you with their choice of music………sometimes it’s better than a guest night

WEDNESDAY 9TH MAY 2018                The Boys From Melbourne Street

We were hoping to book them last year but due to a busy schedule we had to wait for 2018,more original acoustic music by this delightful trio of musicians performing their eclectic brand of songs and instrumentals







TUESDAY JUNE 12TH 2018                                        Singers night

If you want to have a go and get up stage and perform,it couldn’t get easier than on our audience friendly singers night plus it gives you the chance to sing the songs you want to sing.

TUESDAY JULY 12TH 2018                       Young Voices in Music

Drawn from our Young Voices stage during the Bradninch Festival, two lucky young performers get offered a booking at our club and get paid and it will be ……the fabulous Walker Brothers who will be doing a 20 minute set


AUGUST 2018                     NO CLUB NIGHT, WE ARE ON OUR HOLS