TUESDAY 10.03.2020

This will Gregs second guest visit to our club and it will be lovely to see him perform again in Bradninch Acoustic Music Club once again

Greg has established a reputation as a most original and skilful songwriter and performer. His two album releases have both received widespread acclaim, and a song from “A303” won best song by a male artist in the 2018 Blues and Roots awards. Greg’s hallmark, the ironic and humorous viewpoint which illuminate his observations of the everyday drama that is the human condition. The narratives of the songs smoothly combine the emotionally poignant and emotionally raw. Greg’s songs deal with everything from the refugee crisis to male pattern hair-loss, bereavement to fashion victim dress disasters… His widely admired guitar style is unique having evolved from early new-folk influences from the UK and the USA into a fusion with styles including jazz and flamenco into something that is entirely Greg’s now. Oh and he is very entertaining as well so it will be a great night all round.

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